Space can no longer be limited to just professional astronauts. It is academic now that to ensure the very survival and proliferation of humanity, we must seek new frontiers in space. It starts right now and in our own backyard in the Solar System. Vertical take-off vehicles, though easily understood, are not only very costly and somewhat wasteful but also are limited in their capabilities. 

It is commonly known that visionary pioneers are usually way ahead of their time in their thinking, and sometimes they have to wait patiently for technologies to evolve. The time has come to build new ways to reach earth orbit and beyond. New ways of reaching space can no longer be science fiction, it has to be pure science. And it is here NOW!

Just imagine, getting on a Spacecraft and taking off from a regular runway at an airport and flying to earth orbit or ultimately to nearby planets or moons instead of the traditional explosive vertical launch vehicles. Of course, it is easier said than done, and that is why RTOS™ is not only breaking new ground, but also offering a new bold Spacecraft that will change space travel as we know it.

RTOS (Runway To Orbit Spacecraft) is a game-changing Innovation in Spacecraft which will take the United States to its highest level, fueling explosive growth in the upcoming explosive growth in the Space Economy.  RTOS is the aerospace industry’s first and only spacecraft capable of taking off on regular airport runways, readily achieving orbits similar to or much higher than the Space Shuttle, then landing under its own power on a regular airport runway.  RTOS will require no launch pads, no explosive launches, and will land in the exact same physical configuration it had at launch.  Shortly after landing, the same RTOS spacecraft can be ready for another mission all over again, usually requiring only a few hours, not weeks or months.

It is very important to note that RTOS should not be confused with the “spaceplane” concept or even the Concorde concept.

As is well known, sending men into space started in the early 1960’s and involved strapping men and equipment into capsules at the top of rockets.  Today, the same method is used with very little conceptual and fundamental changes.  This early 1960’s technology evolved into the Space Shuttle programs. Yet now and as before, these rockets require multiple stages and boosters, most of which are either dumped into the ocean or left as debris in space, just to reach orbit.  During these launches rockets expend millions of pounds of fuel to escape the earth’s atmosphere, generating many metric tons of different gaseous emissions.  Unlike these rockets, RTOS will take off similar to an airplane and achieve orbit without any solid rocket boosters or external fuel tanks.

RTOS presents a breakthrough in technology with a solution that offers groundbreaking opportunities to reduce the environmental impact and pollution of 1960’ era rockets.  RTOS will be more efficient, will be reusable, and will greatly improve the environmental impact of space exploration, helping to ensure the United States continues to lead in space exploration.

RTOS is the next leap forward in Spacecraft innovation. 












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