Ray Ashton conceived the idea of RTOS™ decades ago and realized that like many other visionaries and pioneers before him, he had embarked upon a long journey of personal sacrifice. 

Though most successful entrepreneurs perceive themselves as visionaries, wishing for the stars while continuing to do things as they were done in the 1960’s, with only minor improvements, hardly qualifies them as true visionaries.

True visionaries need passion, dedication, wisdom and unselfish purpose; when combined with a strong patriotic love of the country, nothing can stop a true American visionary. Mr. Ashton often says, “Only bold visions make history!”

Mr. Ashton has decades of experience in innovation and pioneering ideas that would place America ahead of every other nation. His projects or startup companies have incubated new industries. His career began as a Systems Engineer at Rocketdyne where they built the Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSME). He later received a promotion and moved to the Space Division in Norwalk California at Rockwell International. After supporting NASA Shuttle Missions at Rockwell along with various DOD Projects, Mr. Ashton launched startup companies in Silicon Valley, California.

Prior to RTOS™, Mr. Ashton innovated Q-CAST technology at Quad International Communications Corporation (QICC) where he was the Founder, CTO, CEO and Chairman. He attracted Lucent Technology/Alcatel with his Q-CAST innovation. Lucent later signed a $133M Agreement with QICC which was announced in a major Press Release. The Q-CAST technology was an enabler for the very first VPN in the Telecom industry, forming the foundational infrastructure of New Media in the world. Throughout his career he has brought tremendous value to growing startup companies where he served as CEO.

Over the years, Mr. Ashton has brought in many hundreds of millions of dollars in investments and contracts from Fortune 100 companies and has transformed startup companies into powerhouses with his global credibility. Mr. Ashton received The Smithsonian Institution Laureate Honor of 2000 for Innovation and Vision in “Search for New Heroes”. He also earned NASA’s Excellence Award while serving at Rockwell International. 

Mr. Ashton did his undergraduate studies in Engineering at California State University in Northridge with Advanced Communications studies with Optics and Satellites at the University of California in Los Angeles.  Mr. Ashton is an accomplished FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot with 1st Class Medical Certificate.






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                                   “Only BOLD VISIONS make history.”                                        Ray Ashton, RTOS™ Founder, CEO, CTO