PRESS RELEASE, Dallas, Texas (Sep 8, 2022)

RTOS™ (Runway To Orbit Spacecraft), a Texas based advanced spacecraft development company, announced today the creation of a new collaboration of the aerospace industry developers in North America and Europe, formally known as the RTOS Consortium. This is a select and highly specialized collaborative group that consists of both private and government sectors. Members all have a keen interest in the delivery of the most practical, innovative and efficient technologies in space travel.  

“RTOS Consortium is only interested in collaborating with those companies, innovators and stakeholders who not only are the best in their technology innovation, but also focus on the most efficient, practical and environmentally sound space technologies. RTOS Consortium members go beyond the traditional and inefficient ways of space technologies”, said Ray Ashton, Founder, CEO and CTO of RTOS.

To learn more, contact RTOS via social media or visit the company website at RTOSUSA.com or contact us via LinkedIn, or Twitter (@RTOS)












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